Rebranding! Pictures, Posts, Tags and More Pictures

I am super-excited to be working on rebranding my business. I know it’s only been open less than a year, but my logo leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve hired a super-talented friend to do a professional design. I cannot wait to see what she designs.

My other “rebranding” activity is to take all new pictures of my merchandise. My early pictures were, admittedly HORRIBLE! I’ve watched youtube video’s, read blogs, and tutorials to learn to take better pictures. I bought a camera, light tent, lights, backgrounds, and have asked advice from lots of pros.

I am taking a gamble, all the experts say to use a white background. I am created a chalkboard background instead of white. I am nervous about going against the recommendations, but I think they look great. Well some are great and they are all better than the original pictures.

Here is one of the listings…what do you think?


Feeling Complete


All in all this was an awesome and amazing day!  It was cold and rainy, but my heart was warm and happy.  I got to spend every minute of it with my greatest and best achievement, my daughter.  She is 18 and beautiful.  We started the day by helping a family that needed it.  Then we went to an awesome craft fair, Sweet Tea and Shopping.!/SweetTeaAndShopping

We saw lots of beautiful, rustic, pretty, vintage, repurposed, and creative things — jewelry, candles, furniture, home decor, and so much more.  So spent the day with my beauty, doing things of beauty and enjoying many things of beauty.  

The business goal was to network, which I did, and decide if I would like a booth at their next event, which is in September.  I also, found some ideas to “borrow”.  One of which will be great for any broken china.  It almost makes me hope I break one soon, but that would ruin my perfect record.  I haven’t broken any dishes while drilling,   Not bragging, I don’t want pride to come before a fall!

Speaking of business I had TWO, yes I said TWO sales on my etsy shop today!!!  One is for five 3 tiered plate stands.  The lady who purchased owns a tea shop.  The second sale was a mirror I had chalked painted the frame and put a chandalier in gold metalic vinyl on the mirror.  I just posted it this week!  I should have posted it sooner, it was completed last November. 

All in all, it was a great Saturday.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well.


Busy Day

It’s been the usual busy day, including tears because there is not enough me to get it all done.  I got home around 8:45 and I am quickly posting this before I do some more work for work.  Keeping that five year plan as the carrot to keep me going.

Had another sale today.  A friend from work purchased a second item from my etsy store.  It matches the first one she purchased.  The first was a two tiered dish and this is a three tiered dish.  I am super syched as that is three sales in two weeks!

Just need more time to be creative.