All in all this was an awesome and amazing day!  It was cold and rainy, but my heart was warm and happy.  I got to spend every minute of it with my greatest and best achievement, my daughter.  She is 18 and beautiful.  We started the day by helping a family that needed it.  Then we went to an awesome craft fair, Sweet Tea and Shopping.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/172788336099086/#!/SweetTeaAndShopping

We saw lots of beautiful, rustic, pretty, vintage, repurposed, and creative things — jewelry, candles, furniture, home decor, and so much more.  So spent the day with my beauty, doing things of beauty and enjoying many things of beauty.  

The business goal was to network, which I did, and decide if I would like a booth at their next event, which is in September.  I also, found some ideas to “borrow”.  One of which will be great for any broken china.  It almost makes me hope I break one soon, but that would ruin my perfect record.  I haven’t broken any dishes while drilling,   Not bragging, I don’t want pride to come before a fall!

Speaking of business I had TWO, yes I said TWO sales on my etsy shop today!!!  One is for five 3 tiered plate stands.  The lady who purchased owns a tea shop.  The second sale was a mirror I had chalked painted the frame and put a chandalier in gold metalic vinyl on the mirror.  I just posted it this week!  I should have posted it sooner, it was completed last November. 

All in all, it was a great Saturday.  I hope you enjoyed yours as well.