I am super-excited to be working on rebranding my business. I know it’s only been open less than a year, but my logo leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve hired a super-talented friend to do a professional design. I cannot wait to see what she designs.

My other “rebranding” activity is to take all new pictures of my merchandise. My early pictures were, admittedly HORRIBLE! I’ve watched youtube video’s, read blogs, and tutorials to learn to take better pictures. I bought a camera, light tent, lights, backgrounds, and have asked advice from lots of pros.

I am taking a gamble, all the experts say to use a white background. I am created a chalkboard background instead of white. I am nervous about going against the recommendations, but I think they look great. Well some are great and they are all better than the original pictures.

Here is one of the listings…what do you think?